A Letter from our Artistic Directors

Photo: Mary Ellen Mark

Our Mission

Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet’s mission is to foster a rebirth of dramatic storytelling in ballet through our academy programs that provide specialized training for gifted students from around the world, and through the development of the Gelsey Kirkland Ballet, a classically oriented Professional Studio Company capable of creating and performing new and dramatic works.

Dear Friends,
Our mission as dancers and as teachers has always been to strive for theatrical depth of character and technical virtuosity in the classroom and onstage. We have come to believe over the years that the future of ballet lies in the art of dramatic story telling, drawing on the wellsprings of classical tradition.

In the hope of pursuing and sharing this perspective, we have established a not-for-profit ballet academy that offers comprehensive training to gifted students and a studio company with choreographic and performance opportunities for professionals.

In our drive to understand ballet from a deeply heartfelt point of view, we have developed a variety of innovative training techniques that help dancers acquire and refine the skills necessary to create a compelling character and fully fleshed out performance.

This knowledge was passed on to us through our work with master teachers in a quiet studio environment, shielded from the pressures of the companies that we danced with. We have established the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet with the intention of sharing these secrets with the next generation of dancers.

-Gelsey Kirkland and Michael Chernov-
Co-Artistic Directors