To audition for the 2018-19 Pre-Professional Division”, please contact Marissa Freeman at marissa@gelseykirklandballet.org

Video Auditions

Video audition should include:
• 2 exercises at the barre, one side only
• 5 center exercises: Adagio, Waltz/Turns, Small, Medium and Grand Allegro
• For dancers 16 years or older: Classical variation (performed on pointe for girls)
• OR exercises performed on pointe in the center, including: Echappé, Relevé Passé, Relevés on one leg, Pirouettes
• For dancers under 16 years: Short dance to demonstrate movement quality
• Candidate’s best step/combination of their own choice

To register for a video audition please click here.

Once you have completed your online registration e-mail your YouTube or video link to alexandra@gelseykirklandballet.org