Pre-Professional Division


Pre-Professional Division

This program was created for dancers age 10 and up who are looking to advance towards a professional career while continuing their academic education in school during the day. Curriculum includes classical ballet technique, core dynamics, pointe, character dance and stretch.

Our intensive training programs are aimed at the full cultural development of the young artist, to provide each student with a dynamic range of technical skills, coupled with that elusive quality known as the artist’s “sensitivity of soul.”

We are committed to developing classical dancers who are capable of expressing powerful theatrical ideas in ballet through a rich understanding of other artistic disciplines, cultures, and traditions.

GKA provides year round afterschool pre-professional ballet training by the finest teachers in the world. Students range from 10 years of age to young adults and are selected from national and international auditions.

The training syllabus is based on traditional Russian and Danish techniques, incorporating kinesthetic and remedial practices, all guided by proven scientific methodology.

Ms. Kirkland’s training with teachers such as Stanley Williams, David Howard, Maggie Black and Pilar Garcia, as well as her training as a teacher with Nina Osipyan also informed the academy’s syllabus.

Ms. Kirkland’s personal experience in bringing the great classics to life, as well as working with some of the great choreographers of the 20th century, choreographers such as Tudor, Balanchine, Ashton, MacMillan, Robbins, etc, brings a unique sensibility to the syllabus, focusing it towards her belief in storytelling on stage.

Acceptance into the Pre-Professional Division is by audition only. To schedule an audition, please contact Marissa Freeman –